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The most decorated pilot in the history of gliding shares his knowledge and passion in a breathtaking book. A must read.   |   
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One of Sebastian’s persistent dreams was to learn about gliding in Himalayas. Sebastian grew in a family flying in Polish mountains, got titles in mountain races in Alps, Andes, Southern Alps. But the highest mountain massif on Earth was still […]

One of Sebastian’s persistent dreams was to learn about gliding in Himalayas. Sebastian grew in a family flying in Polish mountains, got titles in mountain races in Alps, Andes, Southern Andes. There were few attempts to fly gliders really high […]

Again and for the first time! Sebastian Kawa is the European Champion again and for the first time in the 18m Class. Tomasz Kawa on the last day of the competition: It was really dramatic Yesterday was something of an […]

From: John Galloway (jpg797@… .com) Sebastian, now that you have shown sustained superiority in the smaller glider classes in world championships would you like to try to do the same in the 18m and/or Open classes? I have read your […]

Nine time world champion Sebastian Kawa

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